The Crash Report 001

The 1st episode of The Crash Report hosted by Centre.

About The Crash Report

The Crash Report has been put together by Centre - the latest identity of British based DJ and Producer Pete Griffin.

Previously recording under the name of DJ Kovas, Pete is label head of 64 bar music. A label where producers only had 64 bars for each beat. Most productive between 2008 and 2012, 64 bar music self released 6 mix albums, culminating in the release of Boundaries, 20 Works from the 64 Bar Challenge in 2011 on Ninja Tune Records

Prior to that, Kovas was a hard working resident DJ in Cardiff, a resident at most and many of the hip-hop and drum and bass clubs in the City.
He also heavily pushed the Nu Jazz sound, playing that laid back vibe in bars from 2000-2010.


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